Friday, May 30, 2008

Alcoholic drink

This sign is hilarious, I just could not resist taking a photo.

Apparently, the sign states "Korean Alcoholic Drink" ..

So this is a drink for Alcoholics? or is it an alcoholic beverage? LOL...

When they state Alcoholic drink, it makes you really think.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday Brunch

HALO HALO DELIGHT!!! My mom, is not a HaloHalo Freak, I think she just let all her guards down this Sunday and enjoyed a halo-halo!! LOL...

My mom was hesitating going with me, but I dragged her to AOI for Sunday Lunch anyway. She was a bit contious about her clothes, because she was in her shirt and shorts. I said, "Mom" who cares, let's go enjoy ourselves. Nevermind if the other folks are dressed up! She almost did not get down the car when I parked at the Grand's parking lot! In fact, she was making up excuses already! I wasn't about to go home and cook the two cases of spam and the jasmine rice that we got from the Shell Passport promotion! Plus, the familia weren't having a barbecue at the farm this weekend, so I said, lets go have some sashimi and some chawamoshi! Reluctantly, she got down the car and trekked into the popular and overpacked Sunday Brunch at AOI. I was laughing because she ended enjoying herself. As for me, casual clothes is my style, as long as I am comfortable! LOL.....
I like all the hotels, espcially PIC, Aqua, Hyatt and AOI for Sunday Brunch. However, my new favorite is Fresko at the Palms Resort! It is really a good deal and they have japanese sukiyaki! Yummy!

Dragon Bounce anyone?

Here is a photo of the dragon bounce that we rent out, if you are interested in renting it for a birthday party or any event, email me at to reserve it!

Me' familia

Here is a photo of my darling husband, after a long day of work. My husband Raymond is a U.S. Coast Guard Captain/Master, he works for my mom/dad's company. Even if my dad is no longer alive, I still call the company as my mom/dad's because it was my dad's hard work, endless dedication that made it possible, and my mom's ability to hold on to the money and make it grow! My familia' enjoy the ocean very much, especially my son, who is in training as a talaya fisherman! My son enjoys eating fish over fast food, any day of the week!

Friday, May 23, 2008

This is my mom's dog "Toru" he turns 1 year old in human years on Monday! My mom is throwing a birthday bash for the sweet king. LOL..
My husband Ray and his dog, "Kiku"
Kiku's birthday is Monday, May 26th. We purchased Kiku from a top breeder in Washington.

Kiku and Toru are brothers. Kiku is the "man". He is huge and is very typical of his bloodline.

Toru on the other hand was born the same time as Kiku, however he is the runt. He is three times smaller than Kiku. Toru's size now is equivalent to when Kiku was 2 months old.


About this time of the year, I get ready to go out with my family to start picking wild blackberries and also cultivated blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I can smell the U-pick orchards and cherish the times the kids and I picked fresh berries at the local Orchards around Corvallis, Oregon.

Think of a whole tray about the size of an empty case of beer filled with strawberries for about $3.00 or less. Yummy, it was strawberry iced tea, strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream, strawberry lemonade, you name it. Now, the prices of strawberry on Saipan has just got me salivating but not purchasing. Well, I admit, I purchase maybe once every two months or so. I am so strawberry deprived! Not to mention, blueberry deprived and raspberry deprived.

Anyway, this local berry, not even sure what the name is, was planted by my mom at our homestead in Kagman. It is sweet and yummy, but the plant itself does not produce alot of fruits. Hopefully one day someone will create an orchard so that our tourist and locals also can go and pick locally grown fruits and pay by the pound.


One of my pet peeve's is the amount of ILLEGAL PARKING on Garapan, specifically Hotel Street. Palms Street and Beach Road are the most common place where you will find illegally parked cars.
Come on, what are we doing about them? During the evenings, you have cars parked on both lanes. Are these Parking's? or are they ROADWAYS? I get so frustrated about this when I have to pull out and wait for another oncoming car to use the "narrowed" roadway because some idiot decided to park right on the roadway. Extremely convenient for those that are parking, and for the developers that developed the land without considering parking space. Now customers decide to use a public roadway for parking, and the worst thing is that cops are not doing anything about it. This burns me up all the time.
So let's start issuing tickets and start raking in the much needed revenue, illegal parked cars would make for alot of towed vehicles which can later be auctioned off or used in the government fleet if the owner doesn't pay the towing and storage fees. Those caught parking their vehicles illegally will have to pay a citation fee, which again goes into the government coffers.
Check out the white car on the photo, it is even parked against the traffic. ONLY in SAIPAN.
Only in Saipan can you park on the roadway and not get a ticket
Only in Saipan can you park against traffic and not get a ticket
Only in Saipan can you park without paying any fee (except seaport and or airport)
Let's do something about this!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Grilled cheese $2 with french fries at J's! What a great deal! I get them to go when I am hungry for a snack, where can you beat that price?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I do not drink beer, however, this is a funny sign for me!
si, marianne

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ladera International School has a great program this summer, they are offering FREE SUMMER SCHOOL!! Yeaps.. you read right, it is FREE! How many times have you heard that around here these days? (LOL)

"Free" summer school program is open to students from 4th to 8th grade. Summer session hours are 7:30am to 2:20pm.

First session is on June 9-July 4 and the second session is on July 7 - August 1.

I think this is a great opportunity for our children. It is also a great move for Ladera International School to offer such a program. With power rates sky rocketing and the cost of operations increasing, I don't know how they do it. I can say for sure that they "really do care" about our children. They are making an investment on our children, our economy and our general welfare in the education system. This is a great opportunity to have our kids advance or catch up in their school lessons, instead of doing other stuff like hanging out with the wrong crowd, especially on those long summer days! Also, if you work till 5pm, they can watch your children, for a very minimal fee. I am so excited, I can't wait to see what they have in store for the children this summer.

Interested? Call 288-2006 to reserve a spot for your kids, and that's it!

THANK YOU LADERA International School!
(this was posted with the approval of the Ladera International School Director)

SUMMER Camps at the Library
Our Joeten Kiyu Public Library also has a great program set up for our children this summer. Contact them at 235-7322 to sign up. (I do not think there is a fee, I believe it is FREE, but just call to verify).

CAMP HYATT - Hyatt has a summer camp for kids, I believe you can use your Club at Hyatt card to avail of a discount, but I am not too sure. Call them at 234-1234 for details. *There is a fee for Camp Hyatt.

Marianas Trekking also has a summer camp, however, you will have to call them to see if they are offering it again this year. However, there is a fee for camp with Marianas Trekking, but call to verify.

si, marianne

Introducing "FEET"

Here are some of Saipan's feet...
Introducing the busy feet...

the grandma feet...

the kicker feet...

the thinker feet

the happy feet

the sexy feet

The "I want another beer feet"

the lanchero feet

The "what? No more beer?" feet
*This is not intended to offend anyone but only to give a smile to those
reading this silly feet posting
si, marianne


My mom said both my daughter and I needed to loose weight,
so she took us to Subway for lunch
My daughter could not stick that sandwich in her mouth, so stuffed with veggies.

First, I have to load up my sandwich with yummy jalapenos.

Am I really having a sandwich?


AFTER SUBWAY, she took us to the farm, to eat, REAL FOOD! LOL, talk about DIET!
My uncle going for the best dish in the house, fish kelaguin, it was extra spicy parrot fish kelaguin, yummy.

Barbecue Chicken, farm style... LOL Everybody thought someone would bring the barbecue chicken, and in the end no one did, so we made a fast run to the store and bought a case of chicken and some salt and pepper.... I usually do not really like salt and pepper chicken but damn that was yummy.... deliciouso!

Notice how I was the indian and those around me were the supervisors... he he he

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So many things to do today!

Today is such a busy day, so many "sale" events going on. Hey man, with this economy having me hold on to my greens, I end up waiting for a customer appreciation sale before I make a big purchase! Today, Ace and Joeten both have a sale.. woohoo.

Also, the employee's of Bank Pacific are having a car wash at McDonalds on Middle Road for about $5, where can you beat that price?

Tonight is another Saturday for the Taste of the Marianas, I can't wait to go. Today is also the March against cancer at Hopwood Elementary School. I am a member of the Marriage Encounter Team.

Today is full of errands and shopping. Thank goodness my husband is working today so that I can purchase the items I want at ACE Hardware. I mean, out of all things, I actually dream of the ACE hardware customer appreciation sale.. LOL see how deprived I am from the mega shopping malls they have in the mainland? In fact, I never even stepped into an ACE hardware store in the mainland. The only hardware store I visit is Loewes and Home Depot. I think they have banned me there though since I maxed out my charge cards... he he he...

Oh well, I will update this blog tomorrow, I do plan on getting some tan, as if I am not dark enough.. LOL but it has been a while since we actually hit the beach. Time to get my kids there share of the sand and sun, plus some yummy barbecue, perhaps at Kilili beach or somewhere.

I hope you all enjoy your day! HAPPY SABALU.. speaking of, it is Sabalu Market day today.

Next week will the Saipan Agricultural Fair where everyone gets the chance to see local farm animals.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Did you see today's Tribune about Karidat having the highest clientele in 10 years? Karidat, is a non profit charitable institution in Saipan. I am not sure if they have satellite offices in Rota and Tinian. However, the rate has doubled in about a ten year time frame. If you really think about it, I think those numbers are growing at a minimal rate, given the total population on Saipan.

Given today's economic crisis, there is even a greater dependence on Karidat. However, do we want to promote dependence or independence? It makes it rather difficult because we were told to help others in time of need. Karidat is probably the only agency on Saipan that people can turn to for help. I believe the Saipan Mayor's Office also helps Saipan residents with paying their utility bills or something like that, I am not sure what it is called, but you can contact them to find out. The Mayor's office is 234-6208.

I was a poor student with a family to raise, college, books, tuition's and kids did not really match, so I helped out pack food at the local food bank. We packed and delivered food to the needy in our community, in return I was able to get some food myself. They were always fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables (even in better quality than what we see at our local supermarkets, which I am now getting used to again... ) It wasn't really for the food although what I got was very helpful, but it was also to help out the community. I would especially sign up to help pack gift baskets and food baskets for families in need during the holidays. The food boxes would include a frozen turkey and items to make all the trimmings such as stuffing, corn bread mix, cranberry sauce, etc. The bottom line is that all these were free, to anyone who claimed they were below the poverty level.

What do our residents in Saipan have? there are no food banks to turn to, for our residents. While I was away for school I remember reading a news article about 25 Chinese individuals whom were out of a job, several years ago. I remember it was around the holidays, and I remember the article stated that the displaced workers were "walking" to the Governor's office to ask for help. My recollections are from reading the story on the local newspapers online, as I was not on island. However, I remember feeling the need to help the individuals. I called some people and asked if they can pitch in and deliver cases of chicken and or ramen, sacks of rice or some sort of food to the group. The comments I got back were not favorable. So I laid in bed that night literally crying about how disappointed I was, that no one was willing to step up to help the foreigners. I guess I was already accustomed to living on the other side where I am not a part of the majority. It was election time and I did not read about any member of the legislature or any candidate for the legislature donating food to the individuals.

That was a memory that stuck to me for a very long time. I still think about it. I do not know what ever happened to that specific group of women, but every time I think about it, I have a greater need to start or begin a charity food bank. Of course the only issues that would need to be ironed out are the legalities of donating food and the liability of people who want to donate food. If local stores, fishermen, farmers can donate their produce and or products to the food bank in return for a tax credit, instead of having there produce expire or instead of selling expired items at 20% off (imagine, expired items and they still want to sell it, get rid of it, don't sell it cheaper!) Of course there are issues with a not for profit organization, which make it a turn off for some people.

So perhaps one day we can all join forces to create a non profit FOOD Bank, perhaps a distribution of food once a month, somewhere in a clean and decent building. One day, we can start meeting to plan the plan. FOOD BANK anyone?


Here is my mom's boy. His name is Toru'. My dad used to call my son toru! Toru is the name for a male cow or a male goat. I used to wonder if my dad called my son toru because he smelled like a male cow after a day of playing in the sun.... he he he just kidding. He called my son toru because he was his strong boy, his strong boy that was jumping all over the place. Anyway, this is the total opposite, this Toru' is a rottweiler, but eats CAT FOOD, talk about a disgrace to the rottweiler community. We love him anyway, this is one spoiled dog, and one happy dog.

Here is a photo of my husband and my son, Raymond Jr. However, we have never called him by his real name, but yet called him Me'Mong. Actually, I have called him by his real name, when he is in trouble! My 11 year old son is turning to be a typical teenager. His mouth can talk back within seconds after you tell him a chore, and when I ask him to do something he pretends he doesn't hear you, yet when it is time to give him money he is like right next to you, literally within seconds, no matter how far away he is. KIDS! LOL...

My daughter "Baby Ki" and her "babe". My daughter never called her dad, "dad or daddy" My husband and I were laughing one day when she was about seven months old or so and she heard me calling my husband "babe" and so she called him "babe", she still does this, I think it is cute, but my mom always gets mad and when my mom gets her alone time with my daughter she says for her to call him dad... it is so funny. So, my mom's name is Ki, and walla, my daughter is named "baby ki". I always joke to my family that I am kissing up to my mom for inheritance... he he he. just kidding.

Here we are at Truongs Restaurant, can you say Yummy!!

Here is a loving photo of me and my hubby, at one of my favorite restaurants' Capricciosa. I love the pumpkin pie at Cappriciossa it is so 'delicio-so' :) My mom loves the seafood spaghetti and the quatro formazzio pizza.... but sometimes she deprives me of my pumpkin pie, tells me I need to diet.... yet, she always calls me for breakfast, lunch and dinner... aii lokui... he he he

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey, I think I am doing pretty good, today is only my second full day of blogging and this would be my third blog for today.... WOOHOO!! Hope none of you get too tired.

So, one more thing I need to nail down is how to get my photos on my blogsite, because boy do I have PHOTO's.. he he he.. Why did I decide to blog you ask? Well, I think my kids are too tired of listening to me, and I need somewhere to express my thoughts! LOL... I share so much information with my husband, but there are times I can tell he just wants to shut me up.... LOL it is so funny the look on his face, but he is such a good husband he just listens to me, while he chews his beetle nut!! I learned to make sure that that beetle nut bag is always full so that he can listen to all my daily events..... LOL.. kidding kidding kidding.

Anyway, the day is going by pretty fast, aren't you amazed at how early the sun rises and how late the sun sets? I find myself crawling out of bed earlier because the sun is shining through my bedroom window. Who says I need an alarm clock? In fact, now that CUC is so expensive, I just have to cut back on my electricity consuming alarm clock and go with the good old fashion sunlight!! He he he... only, it would sound pretty weird if I miss an important meeting and tell my boss, "sorry boss, the sun did not work this morning".. LOL... (replace the word sun with alarm clock!)

Okay, so today is Thursday, the fourth day of the week, oops, it is actually the fifth day of the week if you are counting calendar week instead of work week, as for me, I look forward to FRIDAY's where I can savor the moments with family at home.

A quick poll around the office says CUC is the CNMI's biggest problem right now, and I think everyone agrees. Although there are certainly other problems that are tickling the community. As for me, let's settle with the issue of CUC.... who ever came out with the slaying of Chamorro's using candle light? that is sort of a bit of an insult for me, but then I am proud to be a chamorro so I take offense very easily. Another funny and crazy commercial is the one we hear on the radio, advertising for phone cards. These commercials market chamorro's like we are plain old dum.. but we are not! I think that it is such a big joke around here, it has come to be a marketing tool. Granted, Malafunkshion from Guam is very well known to take everyday conversation into comedy. I admit some of them are extremely hilarious.

So, perhaps this would be my final blog for the day, and I promise to upload some photos tomorrow.

si, marianne
So, I just jumped in to this blogging site, really inexperienced! But I "think" I am going to enjoy this.. LOL expressing my thoughts and ideas to who knows who.... LOL

So, let me explain the reasoning for my blog name of "Taotao Tasi" My father, the late Captain Vicente Manglona Concepcion, aka "Capt. Ben or Ben-Ki" was a true "Taotao Tasi". He loved the ocean and everything about it, he practiced sustainable laws way before laws and fishing regulations were ever in place. He promoted diving and found 90% of the famous dive spots tourist enjoy today. The government recognized my father's contributions and erected a monument for him at the Grotto, which was unveiled on my father's supposedly 58th birthday if he was still alive (he passed away at the age of 56). So, there it is, that is why I attributed my page to Taotao Tasi. Taotao Tasi means "people of the ocean".

I will post up some photos of my beloved daddy later this week...

Thank you all for viewing my blog!!!
Hafa Adai everyone! I am sorry for not updating the site, it has been crazy!

So, we had our final viewing for our good friend Grande Nonan last night and then we brought him to the aiport for his final departure back home. It is really sad to see a good friend return home that way.

As we prayed the nightly rosary and celebrated the holy mass, there were some anger and frustration from me, because I could not believe that we have not found a suspect or suspect(s). I wanted to promise my friend that I would help him find his killer, but I just could not make a promise that even I myself doubted. Perhaps I have watched too much of the show "24 Hours" under A&E. Perhaps it was frustration kicking in because ten days later, still no leads.

I sat there stared at my friend in his casket and asked myself, how could someone run over a person and just leave the scened. Could you be too drunk to not even know what you did the night before, or could you be too drunk that you thought you hit a tree or something. There are times when I ask Grande to scare his assailant, and then there are times when I say "God will take care of it".

Grande was a "jack of all trades" as Father Jesse expressed during his homily. Grande also helped everyone in my family, to include the extended family members. From bush-cutting their lawns to helping with other chores. It was a shame to see such a good man's life end that way.

If you know of a gray or champagne color SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle, example: Pathfinder, 4 runner, Exterra, Expedition, Explorer, Montero, Rav4, etc) with damages to the front portion of the vehicle, especially if those damages occurred on Sunday, May 4th, please contact the police and or Crime Stoppers at 234-7272 (PARA). A reward up to $1,000 will be paid to the informant.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Grande Nonan

Today, my family is sad. Our family worker and long time family friend, 41 year old Grande Nonan was killed in a hit and run accident on Sunday, May 4, 2008. The police say it was a drunk driver, driving along Sadog Tasi. The vehicle was apparently a brown or beige Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The driver was a coward and a great sinner, just leaving Grande to die. I hope he or she gets caught. I pray that Grande' would whisper to his or her assailant's ears and haunt them so that they can surrender.