Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Burgers @ Hyatt

May I take your order?

My Family was in the mood for burgers, so we went to Hyatt and had an angus burger and a mahi burger. This is the Mahi burger:

My husband ordered the Angus burger.

Both my kids ordered the Mahi-burger. Here is my son enjoying it!

I ordered the spaghetti bolongese. It was okay, I just have to say I expected more for Hyatt. This seemed like it came out of my kitchen, so either my cooking has improved or Hyatt has cut back on its taste and flavor of its spaghetti bolongese. For $14 a plate, I would rather order something else.

My niece's boyfriend Jeff was our waiter. Well, not exactly, but we are glad he was there.

I made this last week. It is called apigigi. Apigigi is young coconut grilled in banana leaves. This is delicious! I can just smell it right now!

We had BBQ lemai (Breadfruit). The outside is charred because it was thrown directly on hot flames. This is delicious with some butter and sugar.

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