Monday, June 30, 2008

Grand's buffet

SUNDAY...June 27

We woke up late and did not go to mass.... but we did go and visit my dad at the cemetary. After that, we hung around Grand Hotel's lobby for about an hour, waiting for the AOI Sunday Brunch to open. (I thought the brunch opened at 1000, after all it is called BRUNCH!, but it opened at 1100). The kids waited patiently, but were getting a bit agitated of the hour wait!

SHRIMP that is worth the wait...

The only thing I like at Grand's Sunday Brunch at the AOI restaurant is the japanese baby shrimp! It is sweet and delicious as sashimi..... yumm!


I think by now my regular readers will figure out my Sunday schedule, church, breakfast or brunch then farm!

Rice Crackers/sembe on steroids! The larger kakidane are from a spicier mix of rice crackers!

San Pedro Fiesta ~ Saturday, June 26, 2008

The Night Before....
Fresh Blueberry Muffins.... well actually, the blueberries
are frozen, but the muffins are made from scratch!!!
Hawaiian Coconut Pudding - Hoapia
My love-love grating the carrots for the carrot cake

The Day of the Fiesta....
Here is the crew slicing/chopping vegetables!

Here is my hubby checking up on our baby girl!

Here is my mother in law, taking a look at what Kiki is doing!

This is my sister in law Charlene. She is my husband's only sister!
This is her son EJ. EJ is also our Godson!
Here is Raymond's nephew Christopher! I have not seen him since we got back from the states!

This is Christopher's son... Christopher Junior (CJ).
He was loading up on the left over tub of chocolate frosting!

Here is my baby again, springling some powdered sugar on the cakes!

I took photos before the fiesta started, otherwise I would not have had the time.

This statue of San Pedro (below) always looks towards the
San Jose/Oleai/beach road/Costco area:

view from the house:

the chapel

Fiesta Time.... Biba San Pedro!!

Here is my love-love saying the responsorial psalm.
My son opted to be the lead alter server for the day.
Here are my parents in law (Mr. & Mrs. George and Vicky Teregeyo) presenting Father Manny with the bread and wine

LUKAO... (procession)
My mother in law and myself, carrying the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.


Here is some of the chow that I took photos of:

Chamorro Bisteak Sukiyaki

Pacific Blue Marlin...caught by my brother (see photo in previous blog!) Roasted Eggplant in coconut milk
Chicken Kelaguin

Friday's events

Friday was a busy day for me, shopping, shopping and more shopping! However, it is not the type of shopping every girl dreams off! I was not shopping for diamond rings or clothes! I was shopping for cake mix, baking supplies, and baking pans! Anyway, every girl has to eat, so my husband, my daughter and I went to Ubu Restaurant, Garapan, across Memorial Park.

It is Lunch Buffet every Friday = $6.50 which also includes iced tea! This is a good place to eat, especially if you are hungry and on a budget! Kids 5-10 eat @ 1/2 price! If you do go there, make sure you mention that you saw this add on the website! As they allowed me to take photos of the food.

Friday's events

I have not posted any more lunch photos as my hubby and I have been going out to the same places, lunch at CoCo's, Moby Dick, etc. Anyway, here is where we went for lunch on Thursday, Hafa Adai Hotel, Hana Restaurant.
Bento = $7 (Drinks not included!)

@ work...
I went to Laolao Bay to respond to an incident and this is the ugly site I saw at Laolao, trash/garbage all across the shoreline....... looks like the trash was washed up from the sea.

si, marianne