Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 18, 2008

Japanese Class

It is summer, and I did not want my kids hanging out doing nothing at home. So, I signed them up for summer school at Ladera International School (Free, see my posting on Ladera). I have not had the time to stop by their summer school to take photos of them, however, I will try and do that next week. Today, my daughter says they will go swimming, apparently Ladera has a swimming pool! How cool is that!

Anyway, as part of my campaign to keep them busy this summer, I enrolled them in Japanese classes. They have only been there for about 3 sessions, but I am very proud of them! They are learning alot of Japanese words and phrases, and can even write their name in Japanese!

The fee is $100 for private session, $80 for semi private and $60 for group lessons. My kids are taking semi private lessons. I am looking for one more person to join in so that my kids, and the additional person, would pay only $60. They are unable to join the group lessons because of their time conflicts with their summer school. Comment me if you want more info..

(My kids also take music lessons (Kiki = piano/violin Me'Mong=drums/guitar/uke). They have been taking music lessons since January of this year. They are getting really good! I will post photos of their music class sometime this week. By the way, I am looking for a ukelele' Me'Mong broke his, and Tony's Guitars does not have any in stock! Know anywhere I can buy one? Again, comment me if you are interested in joining music classes or if you know anyone interested, my kids get a free music lesson if they refer anyone.. Thanks! )

Kiki and Raymond with sensei

The kids listening attentively!

After the lessons..
After the lesson(s) my son wanted to go fishing. So, we went to fishing base, so that he can try casting his rod and reel from there, after all, it is called "fishing base"!

Me'Mong saw a school of fish (e'e) however, everytime he casted his rod, the lure got stuck on the trees! So, he was frustrated and just decided to watch the fish... (come to think of it, that would have been a grea photo of a lure up on the tree! Maybe next time I will bring him there intentionally just so I can get a comical photo)..great for memories!

Here is sweet "Kiki", always ready to give her brother moral support!

Time for Dinner....

So, we went home, got showered and then headed out for dinner. Kiki was in the mood for "Chinese" so we went to Diamond Chinese Restaurant (Garapan)
also because I had to refill the gumball machines there.
Waiting for dinner.....

Crabmeat corn soup, large = $8 It is delicious, you taste chunks of crabmeat and lots of corn!

Tofu Seafood Hotpot = Delicious ($12) lots of tofu, immitation crab meat, fish, shrimp veggies!

Sweet and Sour pork... I ordered the lunch size order,

which cost - $4.00 (not bad for dinner price!) Beef Brocolli, another $4 special order

Look, everyone's smiling after having a FULL TUMMY!

We went to Big Dipper afterwards for some ice cream for the kids, (I also needed to refill the machines!) but I just noticed that I did not take a photo of the kids at Big Dipper... dispensa/sorry!

We'll see where lunch takes out today and where we go for dinner tonight! I will be posting those photos up tomorrow.... anyone have any ideas/suggestions/recommendations?

si, marianne

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