Monday, June 16, 2008

Biba ha'anin'n Man Tata!!

Father's Day 2008..

First it was Mass at San Vicente Church, 0600am
then it was a trip to the Cemetary, to visit our father..

Dad, we love and miss you so much! You are the best Father ever!!
Here is a photo of my dad (when he was still alive) with my mom.

Father's Day...

Sunday was Father's Day, it was a special day not only because it was Father's Day, but because it would be the first Sunday my husband has had a day off in like two or three months. He has been working every day of the week previously....and you guessed it, there were strict instructions for him to take the day off on Sunday.

Teregeyo Family, Father's Day 2008 @ Palms Resort
Check out the baby juice my daughter picked out, I thought they were for her cousin, but she ended up drinking them. I think that was a great plus for Palms Resort to offer baby food and also they had some little kitchen toys that kids could play with. It was a hit with the kids!

Here is Raymond Jr. He absolutely did not want to go to brunch, and always complains as usual. His heart was set on grabbing his talaya and his rod and reel and going fishing on that day. My son is such a fisherman, fish and fishing is all he thinks about. I gave him the camera to take photos, and he took photos of fish! insteaf of his family.. LOL
The fish at Palms Resort. (He was thinking about bringing his rod and reel nex time so that he can go fishing in their pond..., ofcourse, he knows he can't do that..!)

Father and Daughter

After we filled our tummies at brunch, we decided to go check out the familia' which was gathered at the farm in Dandan.

Father's Day at the Farm...


My mom and her dad.... (Father and Daughter)
Pale Jesse and his dad...

Me and my mom... she usually does not wear glasses, but we decided to have fun a little bit!

My Uncle Jack, Auntie Gloria, Kindu Boy, Regina, Trina and Nang and Tang.

Here is my daughter and her great grandpa, we call him Tang!

Here is Raymond... I love this man!

Teregeyo Family with Nang and Tang... My goodness my grandparents seemed like they weren't to thrilled to take a photo.. LOL...

Here is Tang and my son Raymond Jr. (Me'Mong)

Here is my hubby and my grandpa! What a great photo!

My mom and her brothers... she still has several brothers not in the photo!

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