Thursday, June 26, 2008

San Pedro Fiesta

My husband Raymond's family has begun their novena for their patron saint, SAN PEDRO. They live up on the mountain of Kannat Tabla. We also have a house up there. If you are standing at Price Costco and you look towards the mountain, that is where the San Pedro Chapel is, and it is also where Bishop lives, and where my parents in law live. Our house is being rented, so we don't live there now, but it is such a breezy place, that you never really need airconditioning up there!
Anyway, I had to keep up with my reputation of Betty Crocker. Actually, I called myself that, jokingly as I enjoyed making cakes and pastries all the time. It would be a stress releiver for me. But with the price of CUC going up it was actually causing my stress when I saw the electricity bills every month!!! he he he.. LOL.. .. (kidding!)
Actually, my other sister Bobbie and I really like making sweets. But I realized that after our father has passed away, there was no more joy in making anything! Even when the electricity rates were billed at .05 cents per kilowat, as they are billed in Oregon, we still didn't bake!
So, in an effort to live up to my name.. I pulled out the pans and turned on the kitchen-aid. It has been baking since last Friday, but last night, I decided to make MANJO!!!
Marianne's pride and joy..... aren't they pretty?!

Packing them up on the way to Grandma's house...

Plus, I made two trays of lantiyas......

After summer class on Wed afternoon, my mom and I took the kids to Price Costco. After shopping we bought the kids some hotdogs and drinks. I did not notice what my daughter wrote on her cup/drink until later that evening. This is what she wrote on the cup:


Ma'mas drink only. Do not drink if...


I remember when I was my daughter's age that I too wrote a warning sign. We had some Chinese neighbors and they would always take bananas from our banana trees. I got tired of it, and at 8 years old, I took a plywood and some black markers and wrote something like this on the sign:

Do not STEAL the bananas and don't pretend you don't know how to read this sign.


After reading my daughter's warning sign on the cup, I cracked up and said, mother like daughter. I did not tell this girl what to write on the cup, but I think she is very identical to me.....

si, marianne

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