Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh Pineapple!!!!

Oh My Pina!!
(pina = pineapple)

I was pushing my shopping cart scanning the aisles at Price Costco on Saipan, looking for a good deal, when I noticed a whole area of pineapples! I thought for a while and said, wow, what big pineapples! Then, I looked at how much they were, and it was $1.85/lb. The fascinating thing is that these pineapples are from our friendly island of ROTA! I was so excited, happy and thrilled that Costco is selling local pineapples instead of importing them from other islands, but most of all, I was really thrilled that such great big and pretty pineapples came from Rota! Way to go.. now, if we can all do our part and buy local products, that would just "stimulate" our economy as well.... or shall we say "pineappulate" LOL..

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Tamara said...

I have to go check that out..someone gave us one for my sons graduation but I had no idea where they got it, but they told me it was from I know where they bought it..Thanks!