Monday, June 30, 2008

Grand's buffet

SUNDAY...June 27

We woke up late and did not go to mass.... but we did go and visit my dad at the cemetary. After that, we hung around Grand Hotel's lobby for about an hour, waiting for the AOI Sunday Brunch to open. (I thought the brunch opened at 1000, after all it is called BRUNCH!, but it opened at 1100). The kids waited patiently, but were getting a bit agitated of the hour wait!

SHRIMP that is worth the wait...

The only thing I like at Grand's Sunday Brunch at the AOI restaurant is the japanese baby shrimp! It is sweet and delicious as sashimi..... yumm!


I think by now my regular readers will figure out my Sunday schedule, church, breakfast or brunch then farm!

Rice Crackers/sembe on steroids! The larger kakidane are from a spicier mix of rice crackers!

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