Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandma's getting older...

Monday was my grandma's birthday! We had a small get together for her! Me'Mong was the musician strumming his ukelele while my daughter, well she was just being my daughter. My grandma has everything, so I was unsure of what to get her, plus we did not realize they were having a party for her till the day in quick panic Raymond and I trooped to the store just before we headed to the party to find something for her.

I was unsure what to get, clothes, towels, dishes, jewelry, appliance? I wanted something she could use, but could not think of something that she did not already have. So, in a quick dash to the store, my husband Raymond spotted the perfect gift, a statue of San Roque, and the price was perfect!!!

Raymond, myself and my cousins baby Yuriko. Raymond will be the Godfather, the baby gets baptized next weeked. However, our baby is 8 years old and he was a bit terrified of holding a young baby again!
Here is the family "stud" Tang and Nang have been married for over fifty years. I am so bad, I don't know exactly how long...

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