Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here is a photo of my "Taotao Tasi"

My son Raymond Jr., we call him "Me'Mong" is such a fisherman. He asked for a talaya for his graduation gift (Garapan Elm. School). I scouted the island for a cheap talaya but wasn't able to find one, so I went to my tennant, asked for June's rent and then took my son to Fishing Tackle to buy him a talaya.

My son prefers fishing or playing his PSP. I tell you, it is game overdose at our house, but my kids' just aren't into games. I think the wii has been sitting for months and never even been plugged in..... I am grateful my kids are not game freaks... LOL

Anyway, here is a photo of my son's fishing adventure with his licensed talaya yesterday... Oh yeah,.. you need a talaya license to go fishing! Call DFW at 664-6030 if you need more info on licensing.

Here fishy-fishy....

Okay Brother, pull the net, pull the net!!

(Brother, don't embarass me with your net pulling squatting trick..LOL)

Pulling in the big net!

Where's the fish?

OOOPpss.. looks like we are buying fish again tonight mom! LOL

My son caught the fish and gave it to my grandma, his great grandma! All his catch of manahak are on that small bowl that my nephew Kindu boy is looking at.
Grandma was sure happy!!! I can just see the gout coming.. LOL

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