Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pacific Blue Marlin Saipan

Here fishy fishy.... here fishy fishy...

.........The one that did not get away!

Pacific Blue Marlin

My brother, Capt. Lawrence Concepcion is a great fisherman! I know he takes after our beloved father! Anyway, on Monday, my brother and cousin went trolling with paying customers.

They caught a Pacific Blue Marlin.

majority of the Photos by Me'Mong C. Teregeyo

Want to go fishing?

If you want to go fishing, come fish with us! My mom and dad's company

(Ben and Ki Water Sports, LLC) is really good at customer satisifcation! Although we can't guarantee that you will catch a marlin, we will guarantee that we usually catch a marlin once every 30 days, especially because it is marlin season! Especially if you are fishing with my brother Capt. Lawrence and or with my husband Capt. Ray.

The fish is always donated, depending on the time of month it could be donated to a fiesta, or if there are no fiesta's it would be donated to a funeral, even if we don't really know the family!

Call Ben and Ki Water Sports - behind Fiesta Hotel, beachside 670-235-5063

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