Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GROTTO vandalism

On October 20, 2007 Governor Ben Fitial signed into law PL 15-101. This law created a monument at the Grotto on behalf of my beloved father, the late Capt. Vicente M. Concepcion.

The monument was unveiled on what would have been my father's 58th birthday, March 08, 2008. We had a great crowd, estimating over 200 people! It was a beautiful ceremony, tributed to a great man. My father found majority of the diving spots our tourist enjoy today!

Here is a photo of Baby Ki and my mom (Ki), looking at the monument after the unveiling ceremony (photo taken on March 08, 2008)

On Monday, June 23, 2008 on one of my patrols to Grotto, (I supervise the enforcement section of Fish and Wildlife) the security guard there told me that the letterings had been stolen off the monument, Sunday night or early Monday morning! I am extremely dissapointed that thieves would steal letterings off a monument memorializing a man so humble and so giving!

They took the letters "T" "O" "N" ....
hmm.. spells like TON to me...
I hope someone finds this person and or the letterings!!

If you know of anything, or if you see the letterings out there, please call or email me!

I want this thief caught... In the meantime, I called the local company and asked them to reorder the letterings, ofcourse it would be an out of pocket expense for me, as the government has already paid there share when the monument was constructed. However, I do not want my dad's name mispelled.

I miss my dad so much! We all miss him so much! How can someone do this?

{{I know that if my dad was still alive, he would say 'para-'fa' / nevermind. He would say nevermind, maybe the person that took it needs it more than us! I know that is exactly what he would say. He is not a materialistic person. My father was 'and still is' the simplest man I ever knew, he was never into any materal things, he would provide for others more than himself! Honestly! But, days after he passed away, there were letters to the editor from all over the world, from people expressing their sympathies to our family. We also had numerous emails and cards sent even months after he had passed away, as people found out. In fact, we still bring some japanese tourist to visit him at the cemetary in Chalan Kanoa. Anyway, enough of that, let's find who did this!

(sorry, I always get carried away when talk about my dad!) }}

si, marianne

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