Monday, June 30, 2008

San Pedro Fiesta ~ Saturday, June 26, 2008

The Night Before....
Fresh Blueberry Muffins.... well actually, the blueberries
are frozen, but the muffins are made from scratch!!!
Hawaiian Coconut Pudding - Hoapia
My love-love grating the carrots for the carrot cake

The Day of the Fiesta....
Here is the crew slicing/chopping vegetables!

Here is my hubby checking up on our baby girl!

Here is my mother in law, taking a look at what Kiki is doing!

This is my sister in law Charlene. She is my husband's only sister!
This is her son EJ. EJ is also our Godson!
Here is Raymond's nephew Christopher! I have not seen him since we got back from the states!

This is Christopher's son... Christopher Junior (CJ).
He was loading up on the left over tub of chocolate frosting!

Here is my baby again, springling some powdered sugar on the cakes!

I took photos before the fiesta started, otherwise I would not have had the time.

This statue of San Pedro (below) always looks towards the
San Jose/Oleai/beach road/Costco area:

view from the house:

the chapel

Fiesta Time.... Biba San Pedro!!

Here is my love-love saying the responsorial psalm.
My son opted to be the lead alter server for the day.
Here are my parents in law (Mr. & Mrs. George and Vicky Teregeyo) presenting Father Manny with the bread and wine

LUKAO... (procession)
My mother in law and myself, carrying the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.


Here is some of the chow that I took photos of:

Chamorro Bisteak Sukiyaki

Pacific Blue Marlin...caught by my brother (see photo in previous blog!) Roasted Eggplant in coconut milk
Chicken Kelaguin


Tamara said...

I loveeeeeee eggplant in coconut milk...

Tamara said...

I loveeeeeee eggplant in coconut milk...