Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!!

OMG it is candy day! LOL... woohoo for sugar!

Okay, so I went to Price Costco to get some halloween candies, but the prices were absurd! A box of chocolates would cost like $22. Well, I know this is the norm / average price around Saipan, but I also now that wholesalers sell them cheaper. So, off I went to Cosmos Wholesale and a box of Crunch (they were out of all the other goodies) containing 24 candy bars cost me $12.00 atleast .50 cents / candy bar! Oh my..

I ordered some candy bar wrappers to wrap the chocolates, making it special for the kids!

((By the way, the halloween pail comes free if you purchase a bag of hersheys minis at Joeten, Dandan)). I also heard that Mobil gas stations are giving out free light sticks to children, it is part of the MCV cares promotion that they have.... not sure if they still have any left, but I heard it was in yesterday's paper.

There are so many activities going on tonight!!

Other happenings:
Trunk or Treat - American Memorial Park 6pm

Trick o Treating - Palms Resort,
Kagman Haunted House - Kagman Community Center, doors open at 7pm
NMC Haunted House - doors open 7:30pm, NMC Bldg V 10 years and below .50 cents, 10 years above $1.00
Tammi's church - Halloween carnival - Sand Castle (next to Coral Ocean Point) 3pm-10pm

Halloween Dinner - Hyatt $35 adults (Club at Hyatt Cards Welcome) + the best thing is, kids can be dropped at Kids Camp for some awesome halloween crafting for $15 (free parents are dining at Hyatt restaurants!)


Here are some random photos I took that have never been posted here! They are still in my camera fo some reason, so I decided to just put it all here, like a smorgas-board.

Here is some marigold, that my mom has in her garden. She brings a fresh bunch to my dad every day at his gravesite. My mom really misses my dad, and she has so much love for him.
Your ultimate pick me upper! DIBS

Monday's lunch for the kids...

Now, here is my hubbie's dog.. he managed to sneak into the house, and was hiding in-between the two couches. I almost had a heart attack when I saw a black thing moving in between the couch, because I did not even know he made it in to the house! LOL..
Kiki left the car door open the other day, and while we were all inside the house, our dog jumped into the car from the drivers door, which was open, and was sitting patiently on the backseat, waiting for a ride.. LOL.. yeah, our dog is giving us signals, he needs to be out more often! LOL

Taro Pie

Taro Pie.... Have you ever had it?
Taro Pie is not served at all locations, but it is served around the pacific/perhaps even Asia.


By the way, apple pie costs $1.00 each in Saipan! In the mainland,
you can buy TWO apple pies for a dollar! Oh my..

sleeping bear

Today's obento for the kiddies is titled

The bear is sleeping on a bed of rice. The two brown arms are made of kamabuko sticks, and he is surrounded with a seafood pasta to his left, and cucumber and carrot sticks to his right and below, respectively. The bear is wearing a skirt, which is made up of a blue mini cupcake holder and some dried fruit (trail mix)! Her eyes are made up of cheese, and she also has a spam hairbow above.. Yummy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the view from work

This is the view from work! I think we are very lucky to be able to have a great view every day. Plus our weather is at 76 degrees right now! Can't beat that for Fall weather back in the mainland. Although, I have to admit, I do miss winter occassionaly (when it i boiling hot around here). Anyway, I have not had the chance to make any bento for the kids lately, so here is a great photo of the view I see every day, to make up for it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Island Style Barbecue

Sunday, October 26 was my daughter's 9th Birthday! I actually did not plan a party, because I was going to get her alot of the items on her wish list, plus also give a birthday party for her at school.
"BUT" my hubby said we were going to have a small barbecue.

Enjoy the photos..
Barbecue Chicken

My father in Law George (left), and my Uncle Bill (right).
Uncle Bill and Auntie Brenda arrived on Sun early morning!

some moose hotdogs that Uncle Bill brought from Akaska! brrr....

deep fried e'e

BBQ ribs

island style red rice and the steam rice is above
(we should have removed the saran wrap before taking the photo!!)

This was a last minute cake, thank goodness the bakery actually had a cake!
Oh well, I will take photos of her ice cream cupcakes which we will be giving out at school.


Kiki and Memong are Altar Servers at SV Church.

Pale Rey giving Kiki a birthday blessing on Sunday

Here we are with our parish priest, Pale Rey Rosal.

As usual, we visited my dad at the cemetary.


Meitetsu is closing down

Meitetsu Shopping center / Carmen Safeway is closing down! this is about the oldest place on island where you can get Japanese Items. Kiki and I went there to get kamabuko, but they were already out.

Japanese Fall Festival

The Japanese Fall Festival last Saturday was awesome! They did downscale a bit though, I remember how it used to be so big, and how they would have seasonal fruits like Japanese apples this timearound!

First step, get our tokens!

Waiting for our takoyaki order... the lady was making Taikayi, so we also ordered some.. It was good but the line for Taiyaki was so long we had to wait 30 minutes for our taiyaki order, and it was not cooked well enough, but we did get to taste it, which satisifed my cravings.

GAMES... $2 for 3 rings, Kiki was able to win 1 item..

Pork Ramen $3, it was a hot day, but she still wanted to eat ramen!

I prefered the beef curry..

They also had a game of "NOODLE RIVER" it was two long (cleaned) bamboo, there were noodles flowing down the bamboo (with purified water). Kids can catch as many noodles as they want for $3 and then they get somen sauce. Kiki did not want to try it, I can understand why.

Now, it was the Japanese Festival, but this stand that the Country House had reminded me of a Philippine festival. They had buko and I can't pronounce the other drinks. Actually, I was glad they had it because I needed a cold drink..

Till next year again Japanese Fall Festival!