Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lunch and dinner

Last night, after the mass at the cemetary we went to have dinner at my sister's house. She actually planned on taking the day off so that she can cook all the delicious local meals, but she was too busy at work and could not take time out. So, she made some quick dishes, which also turned out to be delicious.

Pan fried pacific blue marlin (fish) steaks, with Mrs. Dash lemon seasoning

Local style corned beef and onions! I prefer my corned beef sauted with green beans, or sauted with cubed potatoes, but this was equally satisfying.
Kimchee... spicy...yummy.. To the left is a island style dipping sauce made of soysauce, onions, lemon and hot peppers..


My daughter's bento is grilled hotdogs, crabroll, steamed rice, steamed crabmeat and some slices of Kiwi fruit.

My son gets the same lunch, but he also gets two steaks of marlin (from last night's dinner). My son loves to eat fish, so he requested to take some marlin last night, with the intention that it be included in his lunch.

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nobu said...

That maline is looks delicious!!!

I usually have cornd beef with onion like it.