Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's Lunch

We had a small family gathering at my house last night for my nephew's 11th birthday! My sister's family was the last one to leave at or around 11pm. Therefore, we all slept late, and woke up late this morning! OH MY! We woke up at 0630, which did not give me time to cook rice. So, I made sandwhiches and roll ups for the kids, today! I hope they won't complain, tonight!
The kids have:

Sweet Bread with scrambled egg
One tortilla wrap with melted colby jack cheese
One tortilla wrap with roasted turkey and mozarella cheese
Sugar snap peas
Macaroni Salad
My son, the boy that he is, forgot his laptop lunch box at ? who knows where, so I had to squeeze all of his food in a small container.

I need to do what my sister does, cook big meals once a week and pack and freeze them till needed. I have heard about freezing rice, but have not tried it yet. This would be my biggest obstacle to making obento is that I try to make sure I have fresh rice in the bento box, because Saipan is so hot and humid, rice spoils really fast, if in a hot place. Although the kids classrooms are all airconditioned, I just freak about giving rice from the night before, or?

Anyone have any good tips on freezing/storing rice?

Okay, happy blogging all!
By the way, I joined a obento newbie contest today, I hope I win.. wish me luck!
You can enter here:
Today is the last day to enter


hagan peska dot said...


hagan peska dot said...

the trick for me with the rice is use the microwave and make sure your rice is covered not out on the open as it tends to dry out fast but never fear you can always add water and hardly know the diffrence

mirage2g said...

It is always nice to prepare food for the kids, too bad I do not because my daughter is only until 12 at school and she goes to an after school institution where food is prepared....

Let us know if you win!

Stephanie said...

thank you for your kind words on my blog! I hope the cupcakes for your daughters birthday come out good! Making cupcakes is always fun, but making them for a special occasion is always better :)