Monday, October 6, 2008

My view

I was laying down at my new home and was just looking out at the georgeous sky. We have two seasons in Saipan, typhoon season (usually mild wind but lots of rain) and summer! We wear shortpants year round! LOL.... So, as I was looking out, I remembered what the weather is in Oregon around this time of year (Fall). Rainy and cold!
My kids do not have school today, their school celebrates Commonwealth Day today, however PSS and the rest of the Government observes this holiday next Monday! Hmm..what a mix up.
We are about 90% done with the move. Just waiting for the cable and internet to be installed on Wednesday! I also need to get a new refrigerator!!
My son leaves to Japan on Thursday for a week. He is excited to be able to take a break from school! I am hoping he will buy me some obento items from the 100yen store! He will meet up with my good friend Lisa during his stay, and I have asked her to please, PLEASE, take him to a really good obento supply store!!! OMG!!! I wish I could go....
Today is the first Monday of the month, so I will be going to attend mass at the cemetary tonight. We always attend 1st Monday mass at the cemetary. My mom, my brother and my sister and all our kids always sit at my father's gravesite. I have another sister in Oregon, so she is here with us in spirit. Anyway, after the mass tonight, we are going to eat at my sister's house, so I will take a picture of local food.........YUMMY! I can't wait!

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