Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay, so we have officially moved in! Last night was our first night in our new home. My daughter stayed at Grandma's, because there was no a/c in her room yet.
My son is in Japan! Guess what we had for dinner?
Well, I am waiting for the ACE early bird sale tomorrow so that I can purchase a range and a refrigerator. So, we had rice and SPAM! Spam is really good when you have not had it for a while. But, even if I am all grown up and married, I can still hear my mom saying "where is the vegetables on your dinner plate?" Luckily, it was only my husband and I, and our picky eaters were not with us, so our vegetable was coco! LOL..

My son went to Japan yesterday on a one week student exchange! Woopee! I gave him "strict orders" to bring me back some obento items! But, I forgot to tell him to buy me mentaiko! Mentaiko is cod roe, or I call it my Japanese caviar! delicious. I mean even if my son buys me obento items from the 100 yen store (which means they are under $1) then I would still be more than happy!!!

So, the weekend is here! My kids have 4 days off from school! Talk about a long weekend! It is also the Rota Fiesta. I cancelled our reservations for our family, since my son will not be able to go with us. However, since my father's side of the family has roots in Rota, I plan on bringing my kids down to see their family soon.

Hmm.. also, a special message for my brother "Capt. Lawrence" Happy Birthday man!

Till my next food post!


nobu said...

I think your son came to Japan in a good season.
It is not so cold yet, I still wear half sleeve in day time.

Para i familiaku said...

Yes Nobu, I was checking the weather and it looks like it is 73 degrees!! NICE!

I hope he brings me back some nice obeto items!

My mom will be going down next month with my aunt, so hopefully, I can squeeze myself in on their trip! I really want to go to obento store!