Friday, October 31, 2008


Here are some random photos I took that have never been posted here! They are still in my camera fo some reason, so I decided to just put it all here, like a smorgas-board.

Here is some marigold, that my mom has in her garden. She brings a fresh bunch to my dad every day at his gravesite. My mom really misses my dad, and she has so much love for him.
Your ultimate pick me upper! DIBS

Monday's lunch for the kids...

Now, here is my hubbie's dog.. he managed to sneak into the house, and was hiding in-between the two couches. I almost had a heart attack when I saw a black thing moving in between the couch, because I did not even know he made it in to the house! LOL..
Kiki left the car door open the other day, and while we were all inside the house, our dog jumped into the car from the drivers door, which was open, and was sitting patiently on the backseat, waiting for a ride.. LOL.. yeah, our dog is giving us signals, he needs to be out more often! LOL

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