Sunday, October 19, 2008

MeMongs Trip...continued

My son went on a weeklong student exchange trip to Japan. There were five students in his group. I was shocked when I went to the airport and picked him up, because he only had the same lugagge he left with, plus a handcarry bag!! My first question was, Me'Mong, where are your other bags, ( I was thinking he shopped till he dropped and the bag was behind the airport security doors because it was too heavy and he needed my help.........!!! ~~wishful thinking~
So, he left with more than enough money for a week, calculator, and also a cheat sheet which I converted yen to dollar so that he could understand how much he was paying for an item. He came back with nothing..... I was so dissapointed... he did not even buy anything at the 100yen store! OMG....

Here is the rest of the students with Me'Mong at Tokyo Disneyland
Yumm, this yakitori and edamame look so delicious!
Me'Mong and his host brother
Me'Mong met up with a family friend Lisa, who lives in Japan. She sent him back with a handcarry bag full of goodies.. Thanks LISA! I am so glad she did, or we would not have had a taste of Japan! I was really hoping that my son would bring back some mentaiko... yum!


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I am very jealous. I have wanted to go to Tokyo Disneyland since I was 8.

nobu said...

Oh! I have not been to Tokyo Disneyland so long time.

Do you know it is actually in Chiba prefecture,not in Tokyo.