Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I was up late last night, and I happened to watch Intervention by A&E. I watched the story of Brooke who was addicted to pain killers. The family was tough on her, but I can see why. The part that really got me crying was when Brooke's father spoke to Bree about booting Brooke out of her wedding entourage. It was so sad, I was crying so much, my husband woke up and asked me what was wrong. You see, at the time that Brooke's father was talking to Bree (bride) about how painful it was to learn that Brooke was booted out of the entourage, and how the father was explaining to Bree that she was just a young bride, and that having her pain killer addicted sister booted out of her most important day was just not something to do. It was tough love, but I immediately cried as sometimes my dad would give me such strong advises of wisdom. This man was speaking so sincere and I was just crying........

A&E link for full episode:

I love A&E ! I remember that one of my favorite shows was DOG the Bounty Hunter! Actually, still is my fave, I just have not had much tv time lately.

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