Thursday, October 16, 2008

My son is back from Japan!

My son just got back from Japan today! I just picked him up from the airport during my lunch hour so we did not really get the chance to talk about his trip. However, I did manage to grab the camera, so here are the photos of his trip. Enjoy.

He loves taking photos of fish! Here are some geourgeous Japanese Koi
Here is my boy...
I told him to take photos of food...
His host family threw a party for him. That was so sweet! He said he was the only exchange student that had a party in his honour! I am so glad he was with an awesome family. My son said he was treated very well. Hopefully, his student exchange brother/host brother will come out to Saipan in a few months. Me'mong said they were really nice to him.
TAKOYAKI... OMG!! I miss this so much!! I was salivating when I saw it!!
I have a mini TAKOYAKI grill for over the stovetop, but I lost my takoyaki recipe!
Every year, the Japanese Community of Saipan have a fall festival, usually held in the month of October, at the Sugar King Park grounds. I hope they have it again this year, and I hope they have Takoyaki..... yumm... I also especially love the nori flakes on the top.. yum


nobu said...

I think he got a lot of nice memory in Japan.

That takoyaki is looks delicious.

hagan peska dot said...

yummy in my tummy i hope memong had fun