Monday, October 27, 2008

Japanese Fall Festival

The Japanese Fall Festival last Saturday was awesome! They did downscale a bit though, I remember how it used to be so big, and how they would have seasonal fruits like Japanese apples this timearound!

First step, get our tokens!

Waiting for our takoyaki order... the lady was making Taikayi, so we also ordered some.. It was good but the line for Taiyaki was so long we had to wait 30 minutes for our taiyaki order, and it was not cooked well enough, but we did get to taste it, which satisifed my cravings.

GAMES... $2 for 3 rings, Kiki was able to win 1 item..

Pork Ramen $3, it was a hot day, but she still wanted to eat ramen!

I prefered the beef curry..

They also had a game of "NOODLE RIVER" it was two long (cleaned) bamboo, there were noodles flowing down the bamboo (with purified water). Kids can catch as many noodles as they want for $3 and then they get somen sauce. Kiki did not want to try it, I can understand why.

Now, it was the Japanese Festival, but this stand that the Country House had reminded me of a Philippine festival. They had buko and I can't pronounce the other drinks. Actually, I was glad they had it because I needed a cold drink..

Till next year again Japanese Fall Festival!

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