Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!!

OMG it is candy day! LOL... woohoo for sugar!

Okay, so I went to Price Costco to get some halloween candies, but the prices were absurd! A box of chocolates would cost like $22. Well, I know this is the norm / average price around Saipan, but I also now that wholesalers sell them cheaper. So, off I went to Cosmos Wholesale and a box of Crunch (they were out of all the other goodies) containing 24 candy bars cost me $12.00 atleast .50 cents / candy bar! Oh my..

I ordered some candy bar wrappers to wrap the chocolates, making it special for the kids!

((By the way, the halloween pail comes free if you purchase a bag of hersheys minis at Joeten, Dandan)). I also heard that Mobil gas stations are giving out free light sticks to children, it is part of the MCV cares promotion that they have.... not sure if they still have any left, but I heard it was in yesterday's paper.

There are so many activities going on tonight!!

Other happenings:
Trunk or Treat - American Memorial Park 6pm

Trick o Treating - Palms Resort,
Kagman Haunted House - Kagman Community Center, doors open at 7pm
NMC Haunted House - doors open 7:30pm, NMC Bldg V 10 years and below .50 cents, 10 years above $1.00
Tammi's church - Halloween carnival - Sand Castle (next to Coral Ocean Point) 3pm-10pm

Halloween Dinner - Hyatt $35 adults (Club at Hyatt Cards Welcome) + the best thing is, kids can be dropped at Kids Camp for some awesome halloween crafting for $15 (free parents are dining at Hyatt restaurants!)

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