Saturday, November 1, 2008

Around the property

I walked around the new property and took photos of all these wonderful fruit trees that we currently have around the new property we acquired. I love fruit trees!

Local Tangerines, Sweet and juicy Well, this is not really a fruit, but there are several okra trees scattered throughout the property! I love okra!

Aloe Vera, really good for burns, cuts, scratches, etc.

My darling husband planting a red ginger flower.
Atis, big and sweet.

Banana... yummy!
Plumeria, I think this is a Japanese plumeria, but I am not sure. I will have to look it up.

I bought some vegetable seeds last weekend at Ace, along with a sack of miracle-gro[w] soil. I was surpised when the seedlings started sprouting! I love planting vegetables! The best part is, I love that I will be able to harvest my own, fresh and organic vegetables in a matter of months or maybe even weeks.

chuchurika flower


Today is All Souls Day, so we will be going to visit my dad at the cemetary and join in on the annual mass for All Saints Day (Nov. 1 ) and All Souls Day (Nov. 2)


Michael Lujan Bevacqua said...

Meggai na klasin tinaom gi oriyan i gima'-mu. Mambunito lokkue'. Si Yu'us Ma'ase para i litratu siha.

hagan peska dot said...

loving it sis:) you are so lucky!