Sunday, November 23, 2008


Our family pet passed away last week Wednesday. He was perfectly fine just minutes before. Kiku would usually come and greet me at the gate as I get home. He looked fine, and never could I or my family would have figured out that we were going to loose Kiku that night. I got home, he looked fine. I did my usual routine like check my backyard garden, and then the next thing I knew I was rushing Kiku to the veterinarian.
My children love animals. Kiku is a member of our family. He is a awesome dog. He plays with the kids and watches them out in the yard. I can't understand what happened. I can't understand why he left. I can't understand!
Claiming his remains at the vet the next day was terribly hard. Still going around the house and not seeing him is difficult too. Kiku is my husband's dog, and he was a really really good dog.
Kiku, we love and miss you boy! Say hi to my dad up in heaven for us.

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Lynnylu said...

I'm so sorry about your pet, Kiku. I know you are devastated. We lost our 17 year old Yorkie 2 years ago and I still miss him. We did get another Yorkie a few months later and he is a joy! He's helped us get over some of the pain.