Monday, November 3, 2008

November 02, 2008

November 2, is actually the day we remember all the "Souls", hence "ALL SOULS DAY".
We went to the cemetary at 0530am, (Yes, you read correctly 0530AM). There is supposed to be a rosary / responso. But not sure what happened, because there was not one. There were quite a few people at the cemetary (although not like in the thousands as the daytime). We then went to Mount Carmel Cathederal/Diocese for Sunday mass.

After mass, we went to breakfast, then I went home. I have so much house work to do, it is unbelievable. We were going to meet back at the cemetary at or around 3:30pm, and then I knew we were going to have potluck dinner immediately after.

I made some papaya coco. Coco means it is pickeled. So this is pickled young/unripe papaya!

I also made chicken teriyaki with some green beans.
Then we went to mass at the cemetary.
(My camera is not working properly anymore, so I did not take any photos)
After mass, we had potluck dinner at Uncle Bill / Aunt Brenda's place.

Chicken estufao / Katdun pika...

then my daughter walked right through the glass sliding door and bumped her head! OUCH!
Can of cold diet coke to the rescue...

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