Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My backyard garden

Here are some photos of my backyard garden! I am so excited, I will have "organic" vegetables in a couple of weeks. I am targeting a zuchinni harvest by Christmas for some delicious zuchinni caserole and also some delicious fried zuchinni tempura.

My garden is all natural, therefore my veggies will be organic. I will not use chemical fertilizers nor insectisides, but I do plan on composting for my next plantation.

I need to start weeding today! If you notice there are brown cuttings on the sides of the plants, our helper stated that these cuttings if put around the garden will prevent grass/weeds from growing. I think he is right, because there are no weeds sprouting under the cuttings. I just do not want to put cuttings on the bed where I planted seeds directly, but soon as I can see those seeds sprout, I will surely put cuttings around them, so as to reduce my time weeding! Hope it works! (Hey, it is all about the harvest!LOL)

My garden vegetables:
Green Beans
String Beans
Snow Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
Eggplant (Japanese style, not round but long)

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