Monday, November 3, 2008

Nov 01 activities

Sat, Nov. 01 is All Saints Day.
However, the Chalan Kanoa cemetary was packed full on Nov. 01.
Every year, weeks before Nov. 01, Catholic devotee's would go to visit their family/beloved gravesites at the Chalan Kanoa Cemetary (Catholic Cemetary / can only be burried if you are a catholic), Tanapag Cemetary (Open to the public), Wireless Cemetary (open to the public) and the Veterans Cemetry (Veterans only, *I think spouses can be buried also but not sure about their children).
Anyway, the Saipan community always makes a huge effort in visiting the gravesites of their dearly beloved, repainting their sites, and also buying new corona's (wreath). This could be a draining task both in time and finance. However, we do it all for our loved ones.
Several years ago, we would purchase for our great grandmother and our grandmother on my father's side. I would also purchase for my husbands granmother. However, for the past two All Souls Day/ All Saints Day, we have our own beloved gravesite. As I have mentioned on this blog, my dearly and so much loved father passed away in January 2007.
We do visit my dad daily or atleast every other day at the cemetary.

My dad had a story about lizards, and very often when we go to visit him, there is usually a lizard around his gravesite. We think it is him. (look above the letters MA)

This was during the 12noon responso (rosary for all the dead)After the responso we went to visit my father's side of the family. Our beloved Nana, Tata, and the rest of their family. For many years, I remember that we always took care of all our family gravesites, from my moms family (her grandma/grandpa and her sister) to my dads family (his mom/dad/brothers). We would always do the ritual of painting, etc. You can tell to, because the blocks are the same on both my moms side and my dads side.

my mom bought marble gravesite markers to replace the concrete ones.
After the responso, we went for Lunch at J's. The responso ended at 12:30pm so we had to go eat lunch and then get ready for another responso at 4:00pm before the actual 4:30 pm mass.

Pancit Bihon
Chicken soup / Katdun Mannok

I forgot my camera at home so I was unable to take photos of the 4pm rosary and the 4:30 pm mass, which actually ended at 7:00pm.
Everyone was hungry after the mass, and all the restaurants were full, so we went to Pizza hut.
I asked my Aunt Brenda and my mom to shut their eyes while I was taking a photo!
It was hilarious!
did the same with Lawrence and Uncle Bill.. .LOL

Okay, now all eyes OPEN!

I saw this photo at one of the flower shops, I could not resist but to take a photo. I guess it may be a special order for someone. Not too sure whose gravesite they put it on, because I do not think I will ever order something like that... Oh my.. But, I thought I should have taken a photo to share it all with you........... your thoughts?

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