Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veterans Day Dinner

We had Veteran's Day dinner at my house!! YEAH!! But, before I begin blogging about the dinner we had, I want to first, SALUTE all you veterans! Thank you so much for serving our country, and the freedom we currently enjoy today!

And to the veteran in our family: My brother Lawrence! Hat's off to you brah!

***NOTE: For some reason, blogger is not allowing me to fix the layout of my photos! I hope thay you can make sense of reversing the photos from first to last and last to first!

Uncle Bill and Auntie Brenda....

My hubby and I, OMG, all this eating is making me fat!!
My sister is on the bottom right, in her patriotic shirt, which is fitting for Veteran's Day!

Home made cream puffs! The filling was coconut cream!

This is my brother (the Veteran) and my sister Tina.

Okay, now here is the dinner.. Have you ever had clam soup with pumpkin tips? Not sure, how many people cook with pumpkin tips, I know in my culture we do! It is actually yummmmmmmmmyy, especially if cooked with coconut milk. The usual accompanionment for pumpkin tips for locals (Chamorro/Refaluwash) would usually be pumpkin tips with coconut milk and some sort of seafood such as shrimp, fish, crab, clams, etc. Something about seafood broth, coconut milk and pumpkin tips... This is the best comfort food ever!! But then again, anything cooked in coconut milk rocks!!!

For some reason, blogger will not allow me to fix the orders of these photos. The soup pot above is supposed to be the last photo. Anyway, above is the hokikai clam/surf clam they are from Japan and are imported to Saipan, they also cost lik $9.50 a pound! But, they are worth it and delicious! The photo below are the pumkin tips, they need to be cleaned, which is peeling off the rough edges on the leaves and on the stem, it is hard and time consuming, but delicious to eat!

Fire grilled eggplants..........if you never had fire grilled eggplants, you are missing out! These are so delicious and the roasted smokey flavor is so strong, it just kind of warms your heart! Yummy! (Well the barbecue grill was busy with all the ribs, so I learned a trick from my aunt, that you can actually fire grill the eggplants on a gas burner! Neat! I have certainly been eating more fire grilled eggplants after being able to grill it on my handy dandy portable gas stove grill!

I did not take all the photos of the food we had, but my mom made some really delicious chamorro style shrimp vegetable tempuras! I think my mom makes the best shrimp tempuras on the island!! they are yummy......... I have some left over batter a home, so I will definately make more tonight and take photos... I can't wait to go home and fry them, they are yummy!
Lots of food, always too much to eat!

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