Monday, October 27, 2008

Island Style Barbecue

Sunday, October 26 was my daughter's 9th Birthday! I actually did not plan a party, because I was going to get her alot of the items on her wish list, plus also give a birthday party for her at school.
"BUT" my hubby said we were going to have a small barbecue.

Enjoy the photos..
Barbecue Chicken

My father in Law George (left), and my Uncle Bill (right).
Uncle Bill and Auntie Brenda arrived on Sun early morning!

some moose hotdogs that Uncle Bill brought from Akaska! brrr....

deep fried e'e

BBQ ribs

island style red rice and the steam rice is above
(we should have removed the saran wrap before taking the photo!!)

This was a last minute cake, thank goodness the bakery actually had a cake!
Oh well, I will take photos of her ice cream cupcakes which we will be giving out at school.


hagan peska dot said...

omg!!!so yummy!!! i want to have some island bbq

nobu said...

Oh!Barbeque in garden. I's nice!
Belated happy birthday to your daugter.