Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As posted on my previous blog, Sat was busy. My hubby baptized my cousin's baby on Saturday! I posted some photos but I did not have time to write details.


Sunday was SUN-DAY! We went to 6am mass, took the new priest out for breakfast and then we went back home and got our morning power nap! At or about 11am my mom and I decided to head up to the farm, to see what is cooking!

My Uncle had smoked some beef tips, yummy! I don't have a photo of the beef tips, but after realizing there was alot of coals wasting, I asked my other cousin to run (she really ran!) and buy two packs of pork bellies! I am not a real big pork belly fan, but I will eat it, if it has been a while! And the toasty / crunch pork bellies was just right with Sunday's rainy day!

Fried Bananas!

Sunday was a rainy day! My mom made some fried banana's, locally called "madoya". Anything my mom makes is yummy... The madoya was crispy and sweet, hot and fresh!

We also had some bananas dipped in sugar and fried to perfection. Chamorro version is usually dipped in flour and fried, however I think the dipped in sugar version is not local style. It is like caloric suicide, but the sugar hardens after you fry it and it cools, it is yummy!

Here is my cousin, enjoying every bit of it!

My cousin and her son Kindy Boy
My aunt counting her stimulus dollar$... just kidding!
Here is the familia chowing down!

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