Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We took the kiddies to the carnival on Monday night! I ordered some stuffed crabs from the Women's Bowling Association booth, it was delicious! I wish I had a photo of it!!
So the kids rode some of the rides saipan carnival had to offer! My daughter was enjoying herself as she enjoys amusement rides. My son on the other hand was sort of just standing by and soaking in the moment. My mom felt sorry for him so she made a deal, she rides if he rides!
Ofcourse neither of them were fond of the ferris wheel, but they both did it! They braved it!

My aunt and her grandsonAs for me, I hit the bingo booth, another new tradition for me! Sadly, I did not win, but better luck next time..... I am hooked....... he he he..

Tuesday Lunch..... we went to China house, so since China house. Everyone goes to China House, so there was no need to take photos of the food and then explain them. Let's see where tomorrow's lunch brings me...

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