Saturday, July 26, 2008

Breakfast at Hyatt

I went to eat at our usual morning kitchen, Shirley's and I was a bit dissapointed with being over charged. I ordered two ham and egg with fried rice (one was for take out and the other was for dine in) however, they charged me three ham and egg! On top of that my gift card balance was lower than it should be, which means someone was deducting from it. I am the only one that uses my gift card as it is always in my purse.... so, I am on strike from Shirley's, at least for a while. It is hard avoiding it because it is my moms kitchen every morning as well. So, I vowed not to eat there for a week... it has gone good. but tomorrow is Sunday and we always go to breakfast after mass, so we will see if we can go somewhere else..

Anyway, I had the day off last Wednesday, so I took the kids and my hubby to Hyatt Kili Cafe and Terrace for a buffet breakfast. There is a hot item station where the chef can make you a waffle/pancake/french toast/eggs/omelette to your liking! Talk about yummy! Plus they have blueberries and strawberries and whipped cream for my waffle topping, reminds me of IHOP in the states.... There are other hot item stations like rice, sausage, bacon, usually there is a ground beef dish of some sort and usually grilled fish, like the japanese like. I am always happy when I see grilled makeral, I like that more than the other fish they have. I guess it also depends on the day, and the type of fish they have... well, they also have cinamon rolls (which I really like), miso soup, cheese and crackers, juice, breads, etc... The best part is kids price is $7 and adults is $14. However, because Raymond and I have a membership card "CLUB at HYATT card" we get 50% off our adult food... so if Raymond and I go there for breakfast, which we usually do, we only pay $14 for buffet, for both of us.... talk about cheap! Ofcourse those club at hyatt card membership cards have an annual fee, I bet you will save your money in the long run, especially if you are going to have a banquet, or some sort of function at the Hyatt! plus the card also entitles you to a free room for a night, and some other perks (like two for one massage at I Sagua')..

Babe and Baby Ki
Me'Mong and I
Family Photo
I like putting whipped cream (from the waffle station) on my coffee!! reminds me of starbucks!)
Ofcourse, one of Me'Mong's favorite things about Hyatt, is he gets bread from the buffet, or even those small cereal boxes and feeds the fish!!!
si, marianne

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