Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dinner and Truongs

July 15, 08

What a busy day! Morning started off with dropping off Ray's new (used truck) car at the locksmith to change the locks and the ignition key, then off to work. Ray had to drop the kids at the Summer Youth Camp DYS is sponsoring, which is held at the Ada Gym.

Ray brought the kids to McDonald's for a quick on the go lunch, and saw this:

I wonder if all CUC customers rallied together with their damaged appliances (due to constant power outages), what would happen?

Anyway, the kids were dropped to my inlaw's for the afternoon. I had to take my lunch at 3:30pm so that I can go up to Kannat Tabla and pick up the kids, and drop them down to Japanese class. We sat at the class waiting for Sensei until 15 minutes later, my son says, I forgot to say that Sensei is Japan!!! Oh my Me'mong! So, off we went, dropped him off at ASKS for a haircut, and then waited for my hubby!

We went to pick up his car after being repaired, My brother calls at about 6:30 pm saying he is taking the kids out to the movies, and asked if my kids want to join! I felt like a horrible mother, it was 6:30 pm and my kids have not showered nor eaten, nor were they completely ready for the movies as they did not have their jackets. So to sum it up, I dropped them off at the movies, since it was my nephew's birthday, and then Ray and I went home to shower. We decided on eating at China House, but by the time we were heading out, I got a call from work for some illegal fishing activities so our dinner plans got pushed way back. At or around 8:30pm we headed to China House, and they had no power! So we had to go somewhere else...

Finally, we decided to go to Truongs! It was delicous!

Counter Clockwise: Me, Raymond, a family friend (she is like a sister!), her name is also Marianne (from Alaska) and then my mom... all enjoying a meal.

A group of CNMI Reservists were deployed on July 15 and July 16, a special prayer to the soldiers and their families! We support you and we thank you for your service!

si, marianne

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