Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lunch at Fiesta

Well, I have been going to lunch and dinner, but I have not really been taking photos of food, it was a bit embarassing always bringing out my camera and taking a photo of food! People are probably thinking, aii adai, her first time eating out that she has to photograph the event.. LOL

So, to be good, I only took photo of the desert bar over at the Fiesta Resort Mai Restaurant. Lunch there is like $16 / person, however I do have a Grand Hotel / Fiesta Resort VIP Card (anyone can purchase it for $50/yearly) and so I get (along with 5 friends) 20% off.. This makes the food even sweeter. They had chili shrimp, and it was very tasty... Plus, I had strawberry shortcake, which I would usually buy at the lobby for like $2.50 each..
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
si, marianne

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