Monday, March 2, 2009

This weekend, I went to the farm and enjoyed some good barbecue lunch at my aunt/uncle's farm, almost all of my mom's brothers were there and their families, so it was nice to sit down, and enjoy some island cooking with family...... I am up for that!! lol I brought my vitamix blender and my kitchen aid so that I can make some cappucino shakes, and some pearl shakes for me' familia.. the kitchen aid was so that I can make fresh whipped cream... trust me, I had to whip it myself because not only did it taste better than store bought, it was definately alot cheaper to make whip cream for 30 shakes than to purchase whipped cream from the stores.!

I also went to my sister Tina's house last night for another barbecue. I brought some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and it was a hit, perhaps because it was was still piping hot. I live within 5 minutes from my sister Tina's house, therefore I just grabbed the cookie tray from the oven and went straight to her place. I also wanted to show off my new non-stick cooking mat.

GOOD NEWS!!!! I got the long awaited item from ebay. I will take photos (whenever I actually have a camera) and then show you all. It is a ronco pasta maker, actually and honestly, this is my third pasta maker that I have purchased. I lost the parts to both other pasta makers, long story, but I know that I will definately guard all the parts for this new one, this time. HELLO FRESH PASTA.... I actually use it for making homemade local pastries, like guzuria and rosketi.

Today, I went to lunch with my hubby at AOI at the Grand Hotel, delicious! They have a new texmex treat and it is yummy...always a plus.. PLUS I like how the waiters greet you with a strong "HAFA ADAI" instead of the arashia-mase' which is a Japanese greeting for welcome. I think we need to start reviving our local words for welcome, hi, how are you, etc..

so, in short "HAFA ADAI"

Well, today is the first Monday of the month, so I am going to mass at the cemetary tonight. Also, just incase you did not know, my uncle, Father Jesse is offering 11:45am mass (lunchtime mass) at San Jose church every weekday, this is for lent season only.

Oh, and another good food place, I have tried the "eat fresh/healthy lunch" promo at Fiesta hotel, for $5.99 it is worth the price, but you have to like veggies. I also frequent that place for lunch almost daily.

OKAY GOTTA GO, enjoy the day.

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