Monday, April 27, 2009

Fiesta time...

San Vicente Ferrer Fiesta was this past Saturday, April 25. My family always donates tuna and mahi, sometimes it is turned into fishballs (similar to meatballs but fish instead) and sometimes they donate pacific blue marlin for sashimi. Depending on what my brother, my husband and my cousin catch. Anyway, this year, we also had the help of some fishermen who caught 150 lbs of reef fish...
Check out the photos:
We also always do the 'atkus' / arch. It is where the fiesta procession will pass.

I thought I had a photo of San Vicente Ferrer, but I guess I did not

My son was busy drawing... suprising because he is usually out and about..


and more eskabeche

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Yummy!! I miss eskabeche..I miss TUNA!!! MAHI-MAHI....but most of all the TUNA EGGS!!!!! FRIED!!!!!!! with finadene...yummy