Monday, April 13, 2009

What makes me happy........
1) Family
2) SALE prices this past weekend.....
3) Work
4) Sunday brunch
5) no more power outages
6) solar lights
7) accrued annual leave

What makes me sad...........
1) no camera yet!!
2) mortgages and student loans.. LOL

This past weekend, we celebrated Easter Sunday at the farm. My mom's side of the family planned a gathering at the beach, but in the end, it was difficult to transport all the tables, the barbecue grills, the kids and the chow to the beach. Plus, we knew that the beach would be super crowded as it was also payday weekend for government employees. We brought 8 dozens of eggs (hard boil and plastic) and had three kids hunt for eggs. My daughter was the eldest of the three, and she probably enjoyed it most.

I have my eye on this really nice camera at sherwood, it costs about $699, I am hesitatant to buy anything else because I am saving up for that camera.

University of Guam is supposed to be on island giving presentations on FA and other UOG benefits to students. I want to finish up my master(s) degree, never really planned on attending UOG, but since it is so close by to Saipan, I just "might". MIGHT! is the keyword, we will see what happens. You see, in a small island, and most especially a political island, degree(s) do not really matter. I have three degree(s) and I am making less than what I used to make when I only had my Ph.D (Plain High-school Diploma) LOL.. politics.... gotta love it!!!!

Here is a special message to my family in Oregon~~~ I miss you all~~~~

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Road-Block Blogger said...

I would recommend asking a relative in the mainland to get your camera and send it over. Sherwood will be charging you about another 45-60% on top of its original selling price. Then they will drop and say 30% off, whereas, they are still pocketing the 15-30%!