Sunday, February 22, 2009

I got my box of chocolates!!!!!! My auntie Bernie from Guam really wasn't kidding when she said she would send me some chocolates! I have a whole box full of chocolate chips. 40 packages total of chocolate chips, plus 10 packages of the kisses for baking, and 10 packs of cream cheese....... Guess what I did with the chocolate chips???? The first thing I did was to make a reverse chocolate chip cookie, and my hubby loved it!!!! You see, everytime I go to Joeten, I stare at the white chocolate chip and then just dont buy it. It costs $7.95 for a small bag (which probably will net me about 2 cups of white chocolate chips) that is an insane amount for chocolate chips!!!

So, baking is what I did today, and baking is what I will do tomorrow! I love this therapy!! I am so glad my husband does not complain about the CUC bill that he ends up paying, I know he sure loves eating all the delicous treats my daughter and I create for him.......... :)

So, this ends our weekend, and tomorrow begins another work week :( I sure do wish it was a holiday tomorrow, so I can bake some more..!!

Thanks Auntie Bernie from Guam for all the chocolate you sent!!! YOU ROCK!

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