Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My aunt said she will give me her camera, woohoo! Soon as I receive it in the mail, I will post some photos!

I have been busy baking. This morning I made a "chamorro cake", with raisins. I got the recipe from another auntie of mine. I left it in the oven this morning, I can't wait t try it when we get home tonight. I did notice that the recipe called for 3 sticks of butter and 2 cups of sugar, I was suprised because it was alot of butter and alot of sugar!!!!!!!! But, let's see if it is worth every bite!!

My daughter has been sick, and I caught the flu bug that she has. I did not bake this entire three day (President's Day) weekend. I have tons of ingredients that I can use to whip up almost any recipe, but I was so sick like a dead dog this past Sat, Sun and Mon that I just laid in bed.

I still don't feel to good, but I am working today.

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yummy chamorro cake!! care to share your recipe with me??