Friday, February 20, 2009

YEAY........ It's Friday!!!

Woohoo......... It is Friday!

What makes me happy:
1) I am getting over my flu
2) My Auntie will be sending me 50lbs of chocolate chips (white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, bittersweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chocolate chips) plus some cream cheese and other baking goodies early tomorrow morning! I am stoked. Get Ready, Get Set, Bake!
3) I have been seing an increase of tourists walking around the Garapan district area. YEAY!
4) And ALWAYS HAPPY about my Familia... I love them!

What makes me sad:
1) 1 item I bought from ebay last month has not arrived!
2) I don't have a camera
3) Rain and wind these past few weeks, come on Sun, where are you?
4) Austerity holidays in the news again.
5) Power Outages in Kagman are becomming more frequent

Okay, that's it for now.......... ENJOY the WEEKEND.

Tonight, Father Jesse is having a movie night at the San Jose Social hall. It is free and everyone is invited, it will be a catholic movie, and refreshments will be sold. I have made some cupcakes and cookies but I will be making beignets just before movie time so that it would be piping hot and fresh too......

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J. Kyle said...

Was browsing local blogs and came across this. A little tip for your camera hunting, if you're not looking to print your pictures into a full 8x11.5 page and you're just looking to upload them on the web, a 5 megapixel camera will suffice, even for some 3x5 photo prints. So don't bother spending on the extra MPs. For night photos, a built-in flash will do. If you're looking to take crisp pictures at night, you need one that's capable of using slow shutter speeds to take in the light but these are usually high-end pricy cameras. As far as I know, there are good cameras in Sherwood and in that one place right next to Payless Shoe (same building). You can also check for users selling theirs for a bargain.

Just my two cents, nice blog.