Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ola..Ola..and more Ola

I was hoping to make some homemade reeses candie last night. You know the kind with chocolate and peanut butter in between. I found this super delicious and easy recipe online, "BUT" as you guessed it, we did not get home till about 10pm. After going to the store to buy some meats (I hate how the meats are packaged here on island, I miss the big selection of Angus certified meats in the mainland) and then eating dinner at a Chinese place, we got home LATE.

Oh well, it is in the plans for tonight. I already can taste it.... yumm-o!

So, in the life of a working mom, all is going well. Seems like everyday there is a bill that needs to be paid! When will it be over? LOL........ work has been going okay, busy but not dead busy... *wink ;) * perhaps I may jinx it and then it become super busy again in the next hour. Actually I do have a ton of stuff to do, work never ends around here, but then again, that is why it is called WORK.. LOL

In the homefront, I can't wait for Thursday night dinner. Thursday's are a special treat for us now as we will have dinner at my grandma's. It is always nice to sit down with your extended family over some delicous island food. That's me, I love being around my family. Whenever I get a phone call about a gathering, I am there. It is nice growing up in a small island and being able to just share alot of moments with your extended family.

My hubby has not had a day off in like 1 month straight, so I gave him strict instructions to make sure he takes the day off this Sunday.... I want to go to BRUNCH with him and our kids. Hopefully my mom will come along, but that will certainly depend.

What makes me happy:
1) My family...
2) My appeal with the Labor department to continue employing my maintenance staff was upheld and the denial oveturned..WOOHOO
3) I have 45 lbs of chocolate chips at home.......... who wouldn't be happy about that?! LOL
4) I will make reeses peanut butter cups at home tonight, I am stoked!

What makes me sad:
1) The item I ordered from ebay on Jan 11 still has not arrived..... :(
2) I am still broke.......... two mortgages, what was I thinking?
3) Still no camera........

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