Monday, August 18, 2008

Bento ~ O'bento

I think I was just hit by the Japanese mom craze of making obento! I have been reading up about this for several years but never really had the urge to do it, until I started making lunch for my kids... You see, when they were at public school, I just had to send them with $1.50 (.75 cents for breakfast and .75 cents for lunch)... however, now, they are at Ladera, and lunch there costs $3.00 , so to help save funds.... I decided to pack lunch for them every day!

Because I am packing lunch, I have tried to get more creative, in order to please their appetites, both their eyes and there tummies! So, last Saturday my three boxes came from Japan! It is like scrap booking, but except my medium would be food! Today is my first day in making fancy obento, so here it is:

I made salmon onigiri shaped into bears, hearts, stars with some unique faces, and also some fried crab claws... I can't wait to do tomorrow's obento!

Eventually, I want to make obento like these, perhaps in a few months! or maybe weeks!


Cat? Well, I am not sure if I really want to eat this! Perhaps it may give me the idea that I am eating a cat, but imagine the time and artistic talent that was spent into making this yummy lunch!

Perhaps, this is good for a computer tech, or an I T position?

Cute for the kids... check out the heart made of hotdogs!

I bought some other molds that I will be trying this week and perhaps next.. hopefully, I will have enough creativity for this! If you have any suggestions, email me !

si, marianne

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