Monday, August 18, 2008

A nice gesture

So, two weeks ago, as I went to visit my dad's grave, I saw a new basket of flowers laid nicely on the left corner. I looked at the card and it stated "Came to see you brah, but you were already gone" and a name.

I looked up at heaven and fought back my tears. It was so wonderful for a person to take the time out and come and visit my dad at his grave site and give a basket of flowers. Now, usually some of my dad's repeater customers will come to Saipan hoping to go diving and or fishing with my dad, only to their surprise that he is no longer here. These customers will request for us to bring them to the burial site, to which we do, and it is touching to see them cry, and pray for dad.
Now, the most touching part is when we happen to come to the cemetary to visit dad, and we see a Bangladeshi guy standing at his gravesite, praying for him, or when we see a poor guy burning stick candles and aplogizing to my mom that all he can afford were stick candles instead of glass candles. These are all heartfelt and really appreciated, and it helps with the healing process.

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