Monday, August 18, 2008

Shabu ~ Shabu


No,I am not talking about amphetimines, I am talking about a Shabu Shabu dinner. Have you ever had it? It is so delicous! Well, it depends on where you go to eat Shabu Shabu, because there are some chinese restaurants that I have tried but weren't as good. So, for some good shabu shabu, go to Mistue. It costs like $40 for one pot, which usually can feed a family of atlest 5. However, my family eats so much!! so, my mom ordered two shabu shabus.. yummy!

First, you have to grind up your seseme seeds and then you mix it up with a black miso. This is some really good miso, I have tried to replicate this at home but was unable to find the exact miso they use..... anyway then you toss in your meats and your veggies and wala.. a shabu shabu dinner.

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