Thursday, August 28, 2008


In my post last week I stated that I brought a confiscated specie to the local veterinarian for a health assesment. As I was heading back to work, I told my son I had to go to work and "Time Out" first, before I could go home and pick them up. He seemed puzzled on the phone, but agreed.

As I pulled up to the parking lot at home, my son asked me "what did I do wrong" at work, and why did my boss make me "time out!" For a second there, I could not understand him, as my mind was caught in all the chores, but for a while there I thought, his thinking was a bit funny. When I meant time out, I meant time out on the clock, but in his mindset, he thought that my boss had instructed me to time out and face the wall, for doing something bad!! LOL..
It was the joke of the day..... I thought it was hilarious and cute! Funny how children have a different and innocent (yeah right!) perspective on life! LOL

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