Saturday, August 30, 2008


It is Saturday today! I actually planned on taking the kids to the wax museum today, but never did it, perhaps tomorrow, as my hubby has a day off.......woohoo!

It is a three day weekend, and plus it was payday yesterday! woohoo... Only thing is I am already broke....LOL

Oh well, seems like the days are getting shorter... Christmas is just around the corner. September is Monday, which by the way is also the first Monday of the month, which means there will be mass at the cemetary.

Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner, what are your plans?

Take care all and I will update my blog later~

Anyone selling a laptop? I need two, one for my son and another for my daughter. They do not have to be the best laptops, just as long as they can go on the internet..... Let me know if you know anyone selling a laptop, at a decent price ofcourse.....!

Enjoy the three day weekend all, and be safe!

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