Monday, September 1, 2008

What happened here?

What happened to our sanity and our love of free living? I can't believe that CUC has now taken over my life. Seriously. Not only are the electricity rates extremely ridiculous, but what is happening now is even worse than that. Every day different villages/different feeders go on and off with and without power. Take for instance, Garapan. Our neighbors across the street from us are on a different grid, when they have power, we do not, and when we have power they don't!

Now, I have been trying my best at spending time with the kids, making their homework and class work a priority. Half the time, we sit down and attempt to study the damn power goes out! So we grab our books and head out for some fresh air. But when the hot sun is blowing and their is no breeze blowing our way, we resort to go back into the house. Back in to the hot house, that is. What kid can study when the comfort level in the house is too outstanding to endure.

So, not only have we lost the time to study, we have lost the energy and also lost our sanity!

For the past few weeks the power has been dying at an almost constant rate of atleast under 3 hours. Now adays, there is no telling how long the power will die, and worst of all, there is no telling WHAT TIME the power will die.

As I sit here on this labor day morning, a holiday I am supposed to be enjoying, after all, I along with you all, work our asses off every day of the year just so we can pay our damn bills.....LOL

Anyway, what is going on with our society, and what will the consequences of these power outages? Does every household have buckets full of water for shower, washing the dishes, and most importantly flushing the toilet? All and all, more reasons to pack up from this island and move on. How many of our residents have gone to the mainland for greener pastures? Perhaps some of them are not necessarily after greener pastures, but just after a structured and stablized environment.

As I think about this further, I wonder what happens to the senior citizens who carry around their oxygen tanks, or to the infant babies who constantly cry because it is so hot. I mean, if you don't have power, you don't have a running a/c to keep the house cool and make the baby happy!

Oh my gosh.....when will we ever get out of this? I had to buy gas, and sweat, I mean literally sweat just to get the generator turned on so that I can plug in my modem and router and charge my laptop. Plus, I am sitting in an a/c room thanks to the generator! Now, if only we can get constant water so that we don't have to have buckets in the bathroom that would be great!

Well, what are your power-"less" experiences?

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