Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today's bento:
Animal shaped salmon onigiri, breaded shrimp, gyoza, pork steak, sweet potato, rice, crabmeat

    Dinner last night (09/22/08)
    last night we went to Diamond Chinese Restaurant in Garapan.
    We ordered the usual.

    *Shrimp crabmeat corn soup, *Beef Brocolli, *Sweet and Sour Pork, *Steamed Rice,
    *Hot Tofu and Seafood Hot pot

For desert, we went out for ice cream. Did you know that Shell Puerto Rico sells Dryer's ice cream? $1.25 for two scoops... Other shell stations also have an ice cream special going on like 2 scoops for .99cents but it is not Dryers.. I love Dryers...


nobu said...

Those are pretty Onigiri.
Grilled salmon inside?

Para i familiaku said...

Yes, it had grilled salmon inside. My kids enjoy grilled salmon onigiri.

Tamara said...

Your obento's are so super KEY-UTE!

Wanna make lunch for my kids??? ha ha ha...

Para i familiaku said...

Don't get me encouraged Tammy! LOL.. I am almost willing to make lunch for all the kids on our block, just so that I can make obento!
I am low on supplies though, like I need more hardware stuff, etc. (*ahm.. another excuse for me to buy more*)

hey, I am sure my nori stamps will work on your cards...